NameGainDailyMonthlyDrawdownProfit FactorSharpe RatioStarted OnBrokerLast update dateStatus
Paul Gomes - FXBI Gold - Super Aggressive307.25%2.09%85.04%70.82%4.260.211-Sep-21FBS4 minutes agoPrivate
Eleonor Ullah - FXBI Gold - Super Aggressive272.83%1.93%77.05%59.43%3.440.2431-Aug-21FBS10 hours agoPrivate
Pratip Shetty - FXBI Gold - Super Aggressive272.47%1.95%77.94%69.02%4.40.191-Sep-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
John Engaño - FXBI Gold - Aggressive84.06%0.58%19.47%42.03%8.210.3426-Jul-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Midrar Ullah - FXBI Gold - Super Aggressive76.62%1.24%44.79%35.41%4.880.2423-Sep-21FBS10 hours agoPrivate
Milaflor Terana - FXBI Gold - Mid Risk62.37%1.48%60.73%23.86%9.720.216-Oct-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
John Edward Villa - FXBI Gold - Mid Risk58.36%0.29%8.98%25.63%2.920.131-Jun-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Alejandro Ampo - FXBI Gold - Mid Risk50.96%0.15%4.57%27.14%2.940.181-Feb-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Earl Venn Enrijo - FXBI Gold - Aggressive50.41%1.08%37.50%23.54%3.740.231-Oct-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Kat Diola - FXBI Gold - Mid Risk50.33%1.08%40.93%45.54%5.810.391-Oct-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Carl Pantaleon - FXBI Gold - Aggressive41.45%1.34%41.45%50.09%3.820.313-Oct-21FBS1 minute agoPrivate
John Villa - FXBI Gold - Aggressive40.56%0.90%32.91%47.04%3.60.311-Oct-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Arnel Mata - FXBI Gold - Aggressive39.83%0.89%32.33%45.55%4.030.291-Oct-21FBS1 minute agoPrivate
Pratip Shetty - FXBI Gold V2.0 - Aggressive38.32%4.74%38.32%50.30%3.740.131-Nov-21FBS1 minute agoPrivate
Pablo Jacol - FXBI Gold - Mid Risk33.88%0.43%13.64%21.09%4.580.311-Sep-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Jamilah Sarip - FXBI Gold - Mid Risk33.81%0.29%9.18%9.89%2.380.091-Aug-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Jebie Castro - FXBI Gold - Mid Risk32.61%0.75%24.63%21.84%5.380.221-Oct-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Ral De La Rosa - FXBI Gold - Aggressive32.58%4.11%32.58%93.86%5.040.421-Nov-21FBS1 minute agoPrivate
Mark Pardico - FXBI Gold - Mid Risk28.98%0.77%27.52%58.35%3.720.296-Oct-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Allyssa Dizon - FXBI Gold - Aggressive28.51%0.70%22.92%21.05%4.490.313-Oct-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Reynaldo Ty - FXBI Gold - Low Risk27.35%0.36%11.18%22.18%5.590.341-Sep-21FBS4 minutes agoPrivate
Perlie Santos - FXBI Gold - Mid Risk25.53%0.65%21.22%23.19%4.850.334-Oct-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Christian Capoy - FXBI Gold - Conservative25.32%0.60%19.25%11.32%5.590.381-Oct-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Apple Empuerto - FXBI Gold - Low Risk23.20%0.07%2.26%9.23%4.350.271-Feb-21FBS1 minute agoPrivate
Reev Pantollano - FXBI Gold - Mid Risk21.35%0.61%21.35%25.51%3.670.247-Oct-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
June Mare Ligan - FXBI Gold - Conservative20.78%0.28%8.62%11.62%4.90.271-Sep-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
George Autentico - FXBI Gold - Mid Risk19.60%0.47%14.98%7.25%3.550.331-Oct-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Karl Patrick Casas - FXBI Gold - Mid Risk18.77%0.62%18.77%13.25%5.30.3911-Oct-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Harvey Sia - FXBI Gold - Low Risk18.02%0.44%13.80%12.42%3.020.281-Oct-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Nomer Clamor - FXBI Gold - Conservative16.49%0.41%14.02%23.00%4.390.352-Oct-21FBS1 minute agoPrivate
Anvir Tamparong - FXBI Gold - Conservative15.42%0.40%12.52%15.58%4.920.323-Oct-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Aries Ildefonso - FXBI Gold - Conservative15.07%0.67%15.07%23.73%4.990.3518-Oct-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Philip Dennis Roa - FXBI Gold - Low Risk14.79%0.36%11.36%18.71%4.740.311-Oct-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Renie Hilvano Jr. - FXBI Gold - Low Risk14.07%0.35%10.81%12.77%4.780.321-Oct-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Fredrick Hamak Jr. - FXBI Gold - Mid Risk14.02%0.57%14.02%25.09%4.230.3116-Oct-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Shayne Salomia - FXBI Gold - Conservative13.56%0.34%11.29%5.32%4.860.31-Oct-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
George Perez - FXBI Gold - Mid Risk13.30%0.33%11.08%18.86%5.230.411-Oct-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Leslie Sarzuelo - FXBI Gold - Low Risk12.43%0.31%9.57%3.95%4.060.311-Oct-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
George Perez - FXBI Gold - Conservative11.89%0.17%5.38%13.28%4.410.351-Sep-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Jamilah Sarip - FXBI Gold - Low Risk11.77%0.29%9.01%7.15%4.280.271-Oct-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Cedric Ilagan - FXBI Gold - Mid Risk11.07%0.28%8.54%28.73%4.860.381-Oct-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Theodoric Pepito - FXBI Gold - Mid Risk10.89%0.27%8.40%4.46%4.080.271-Oct-21FBS1 minute agoPrivate
Dennis Turla - FXBI Gold - Conservative9.92%0.25%8.29%8.92%4.850.311-Oct-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Lloyd Pacomo - FXBI Gold - Conservative8.87%0.22%7.41%6.41%4.380.311-Oct-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Chad Joshua Amerol - FXBI Gold - Aggressive8.38%0.21%6.48%54.45%4.480.391-Oct-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Owen Barbecho - FXBI Gold - Mid Risk6.88%0.18%5.32%26.67%6.120.381-Oct-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Eleonor Ullah - FXBI Gold V2 - Aggressive6.87%0.17%5.37%4.33%4.580.321-Oct-21FBS10 hours agoPrivate
Newton Reyno - FXBI Gold - Mid Risk6.45%0.16%5.00%4.80%4.310.341-Oct-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Leslie Sarzuelo - FXBI Gold - Mid Risk6.33%0.05%1.59%5.71%1.720.1115-Jul-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Henry Ordiales - FXBI Gold - Mid Risk5.80%0.24%5.80%1.50%5.130.4315-Oct-21FBS1 minute agoPrivate
Ronald Moreno Jr. - FXBI Gold - Aggressive5.46%0.59%5.46%9.73%6.50.4630-Oct-21FBS1 minute agoPrivate
Clavel Dumoran - FXBI Gold - Mid Risk4.67%0.12%3.89%23.42%3.790.291-Oct-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Randy Galan - FXBI Gold - Mid Risk4.58%0.12%3.99%21.00%6.650.481-Oct-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Norman Deliman - FXBI Gold - Mid Risk4.54%0.64%4.54%4.99%3.850.321-Nov-21FBS1 minute agoPrivate
Jonathan Calderon - FXBI Gold - Mid Risk2.39%0.06%1.99%5.32%1.230.051-Oct-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Jarrah Jordana - FXBI Gold - Mid Risk2.21%0.55%2.21%2.93%4.320.264-Nov-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Noel Calunsag - FXBI Gold - Mid Risk1.23%0.03%0.96%9.98%1.190.071-Oct-21FBS1 minute agoPrivate
Frederick Morales - FXBI Gold - Conservative1.06%0.18%1.06%2.72%6.950.242-Nov-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Lucrecia Amores - FXBI Gold - Mid Risk0.49%0.49%0.49%0.79%4.530.5514 hours agoFBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Asuncion Varona - FXBI Gold - Mid Risk0.42%0.42%0.42%0.02%330.98Yesterday at 00:00FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Joyce Florentino - FXBI Gold - Conservative0.19%0.19%0.19%0.00%33.560.61Yesterday at 00:00FBS2 minutes agoPrivate
Julie Ann Sombilon - FXBI Gold - Mid Risk-14.25%-0.70%-14.25%45.93%0.75-0.0617-Oct-21FBS2 minutes agoPrivate


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